4 Reasons Why Casper Needs to be in a Hallmark Movie

Let’s play a little game called “Hallmark movie or real life?”

Ready, here we go…

A guy moves to a new city.

His first day there, he walks into a coffee shop and experiences love at first sight with the barista.

On their first date, he decorates a table for a candle lit dinner on a rooftop, gets the band that’s playing to tell her how beautiful he thinks she is and then takes her to one of the city’s best known lookout points for their first kiss.

Ok, time to guess…

Hallmark movie or real life?

The answer is…

Real life,

Believe it or not, it happened right here in Casper.

Which is exactly why I believe Casper was majorly overlooked by the Washington Post in this article about Hallmark-worthy real life towns.

Still not convinced? Here’s 4 more reasons why Casper is a perfect Hallmark town.

1. The Snow In The Movie Wouldn’t Have To Be Fake

You know that scene in just about every Hallmark movie where the camera pans around the room showing the joy on everyone’s face as they sit around the fire on Christmas morning? Then, the camera stops on the window, and as it slowly zooms, you notice the most perfect, but totally fake, snowfall outside? If you ask just about anyone who has seen snow, that scene isn’t convincing anyone.

Here in Casper, it wouldn’t take much convincing considering we actually have real snow. While the majority of the US has about a 38% chance of seeing that elegant, bright white snow trickle down on Christmas morning, Casper sits at about a 43% chance. Cue the cameras.

2. Our Local Business Owners Are Family

I feel like the main characters in Hallmark movies are always treating their local business owners like family. Which is exactly what we do here in Casper! We know the owners of our favorite coffee shops, bakeries and diners; we say hello to them when we see them outside of their businesses and we even get them Christmas cards.

If you’re a Casperite, you know how true this is. And to back it up, I’ll even provide you with some statistics. According to NerdWallet.com, CASPER ranked in the top 6% of cities in the US to start a successful small business. As if that isn’t cool enough, we also come in 2nd in the country for the number of small businesses we have per 100 residents. So there you have it, we love our small business owners, and we treat them like family.

3. We Make Up Our Own Holidays

Ahem, Parade Day anyone? Casper’s Parade Day has been a tradition for over 5 decades, and it’s a day you won’t want to miss as we celebrate summer in Casper and kick off the Central Wyoming PRCA rodeo. We also had our first ever Jingle & Mingle, featuring a Christmas parade, the David Street Station Christmas Tree Lighting and shopping at our local businesses.

Just like in a Hallmark movie, our entire town will gather together and celebrate these days like they are actual national holidays. We use any excuse to spend the day with our friends, neighbors, colleagues, business owners and even strangers, because, well, that’s just what Casper does.

4. You Probably Know Someone Who Ran Off To A Big City, But Eventually Came Back Home.

And by big city, we mean Denver or Salt Lake City.

If you’ve seen a Hallmark movie, I bet the storyline went something like this, “Small town girl moves away and becomes successful in the big city. For the holidays, she comes back to visit her family and friends. While visiting, she unintentionally falls in love with a ridiculously handsome guy who owns/works at (insert locally owned business here). This helps her realize the true meaning of life and family, causing her to quit her big city dreams for small town bliss.” 

Am I spot on?

That’s what I thought.

We all know someone who left Casper searching for a more fulfilling life in the city, but realized Casper wasn’t a place they could leave behind forever. 

And don’t get me wrong, I totally get it. Everyone comes to a point in their life where they just crave something new and different. But there’s just something about coming home to Casper that makes you realize; this is the place to be. The smiling faces at Eggington’s when you go to brunch with your friends never gets old, and feeling like a celebrity every morning when you walk into your favorite coffee shop is something you’ll just never get in a big city. There’s charm in our history that makes you proud and our classic antelope traffic jams never fail to make you laugh. It’s the best place to come back to after a big city experience, and an even better place to call home.

We’re ready for our close up, Hallmark.

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