Shocking Cultural Outlets Right Under Your Nose

Casper, I think its time that we face something…

It’s getting closer and closer to winter every. single. minute.

But put your slippers and cozy PJs back in the closet, because we are NOT hibernating this winter. And you don’t even have to bundle up, because today, we’re talking about things to do inside that will fill your cultural cup all winter long.

We’ve talked a lot around here about how we love living in the middle of no where — we’ve even blogged about how we prefer Casper’s charms to big cities’ access to, well, everything. But let’s be honest… for the middle-of-no-where-Wyoming, Casper has serious culture. From world class museums to international restaurants, you don’t always have to leave town to get a taste of something creative.

Actually, Casper has enough to do to give even some bigger cities cultural envy and I’ve rounded up a few of the surprising cultural offerings you may not have realized were right under your nose. I’ve made it my mission to do every single one of these things this year. I hope you will pick a few (or all of them) and join me.

Wyoming Symphony Orchestra
The Wyoming Symphony Orchestra is comprised of the best musicians in the region. Their season runs through the winter months, October – April. Bonus: The Sunday after the January, February and March performances you can partake in Brunch and Bach, which might just be the coolest thing ever. The Wyoming Symphony Orchestra partners up with Grant Street Grocery and the NIC to serve up the best Sunday brunch in town.

Photo: Wyoming Symphony Orchestra

Opera Wyoming
Opera Wyoming is new to Casper as of last winter, and their first season was an amazing success, performing on stages all over town and the NIC. Opera Wyoming was created by a group of talented locals who couldn’t find opportunities to perform opera in town. So, like Casperites do, they created it themselves.

You may have noticed that the Nicolaysen Art Musuem has been a common theme up to this point. That’s because the NIC is basically a hub of all things culture in Casper. Fun fact: the Nicolaysen’s permanent collection includes works by Salvidor Dali and Pablo Picasso. A freakin’ Picasso right here in Casper. Plus, they offer endless education courses, workshops and more in the Discovery Center.

Live Music
I always say you can catch someone playing a live show almost every night of the year in Casper. While that may be a slight exaggeration, it’s not a stretch to say Casper’s music scene is impressive. From open mic nights and local artists playing shows at Gruner Brothers Brewing or Metro Coffee Company to massive headliners at David Street Station or the Casper Events Center there’s always a show to catch.

Local Theater
Whether you are a natural-born thespian or you are more likely to be found in the audience, Casper has several opportunities to partake in a show. Between the Casper Theater Company, Stage III and Casper College’s Gertrude Krampert Theater, Casper has a huge lineup of live theater performed by impressive locals.

Cooking & Cocktails
If you’re looking to step up your game in the kitchen, Casper has some classes that will have you dazzling your neighbors in no time. Check out Kitchen Social, a new interactive cooking class in the Wolcott Galleria or Backwards Distilling Company’s famous cocktail classes.

Even when we are buried in snow, we are pretty lucky to call this little place home. Save this for when the cabin fever kicks in or you hear someone say there’s nothing happening around here.

Did we miss your absolute favorite place to get some culture in Casper? Tell is about it!

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  1. There is also Keyhole Peepshow. The only vaudeville/burlesque company in the entire state. Drag, showgirls, magic, aerile and way more. They are almost 10 years old. They perform downtown at The Hall on Ash.

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