5 Free Ways You Can (and Should) Give Back to Casper

Let’s talk about something, Casper.

The locals in this town do a lot for each other.

Like, a lot.

How much? Well… Casper was named THE #1 most giving city in the nation a few years ago by Travelocity.

So… a lot.

As I was thinking about this community and everything we do for each other, I got to thinking…

Awhile back, I came across a YouTube channel that spreads the message of finding true happiness by literally seeking discomfort. This means intentionally putting yourself in situations that you generally wouldn’t. By doing so, you meet incredible people and accomplish rewarding tasks.

And then it hit me. What better way to do this than by volunteering in your community?

Trust me, I get it, you’re busy and maybe have better things to do. I really like Netflix too. Maybe you aren’t comfortable teaming up with a bunch of strangers and possibly doing something you’ve never done before.

But do it anyway. Sometimes doing new things (especially things that benefit your community) is the secret passageway to happiness, new friends and fulfillment. 

  1. Give Some Blood
    Being a blood donor means that you are potentially saving your neighbor’s lives, and if that’s not a good enough reason for you, here’s a couple more reasons that might convince you:
  • Blood can’t be manufactured and is needed just about every two seconds.
  • One of every seven people entering a hospital need blood.
  • You get FREE snacks and juice after you donate. Sign me up.

    Here’s how: Find an upcoming local blood drive with the Red Cross or schedule a donation with Vitalant Donation Services in Casper. Vitalant also works with many of our local organizations to host blood drives for special causes. For example, there is a “Pint for a Pint” blood drive taking place NOW, organized by Elevate Wyoming. Give a pint of blood at Vitalant and you get a free pint of beer from Frontier Brewing Company or a free Italian soda from Donells Candies. The Pint for a Pint blood drive is a part of the Military Appreciation Day celebration hosted by Elevate Wyoming. More on that later…

    2. Spend Quality Time with Lonely Animals
    For anyone who wishes they had a dog or cat but can’t get one, this is probably the next best thing. To be honest, I wouldn’t even consider walking a good dog as volunteering. We should have to pay to hang out with these animals, but it’s free, easy and good for our community.

    Here’s how: The Casper Humane Society is always looking for volunteers to step up and spend some time with their animals. If you think you’d make a good friend for a pet, please visit the Casper Humane Society or call (307)-265-5439.

    3. Support and Send Love to Wyoming Soldiers

    When I start thinking of all the soldiers around the world who are serving our country and waiting to come home to Wyoming … Goosebumps.

    Sending care packages from home with letters of support is a game changer for these heroes and participating can as easy as you’d like it to be.

    Here’s how: Organizations like Support Our Troops and Soldiers Angels are always accepting items and letters to mail to our soldiers that are deployed overseas to show our support. On a local level, Casper Area Chamber of Commerce and Elevate Wyoming are hosting Military Appreciation Day at David Street Station on September 12. The event will include a blood drive, vendors that support military members and families, food, music as well as a military care package collection and packaging event for our home-grown soldiers. To participate, you can either drop off qualifying items or you can and help prepare the packages for shipping on September 12th from – 8 p.m at David Street Station.

    4. Return the Favor to David Street Station

    It’s no secret what David Street Station does for our community year-round. They literally host hundreds of events that happen every single month of the year. With all the free live music, farmers markets, festivals, movies and special events they host for us, I think it’s time we return the favor. And it’s honestly, easier than you think to get involved with this awesome venue.

    Here’s how: Sign up to become an Ambassador of the Station and you’ll start receiving a regular newsletter that tells you what volunteer opportunities including options to volunteer at the live concerts, festivals, and other special events.

    5. Clean Up Your Crap

    I don’t mean to yell at you… but pick up a freakin’ piece of trash. It’s been proven that people take care of places that are already well taken care of, and that means all of us are responsible for caring for this amazing city we live in. If we want it to be a place that’s taken care of (and hopefully you see where I’m going with this) then we have to take care of it.

    Here’s how: If you see a piece of trash on the ground, don’t just walk past it. Use those beautiful hands and pick it up. And if you see someone litter, nicely tell them “ Hey, we love it here. Please don’t do that. Thank you.”

    Then pick it up and toss it in the trash like you’re Michael Jordan in a dunk contest.

    Bonus idea: Get in touch with United Way of Natrona County or Serve Wyoming for many ways you can get involved with ongoing volunteer opportunities all over town year-round.

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