Every Day is Turkey Day in Casper (and 6 Other Things to be Thankful For)

Everyday is Turkey Day in Casper. And everyday we are thankful to call this wild little city home.


You may have noticed that we’ve been over on our Facebook and Instagram pages this month sharing things that make our Casper-loving hearts sing.  And today, in the spirit of the season, I’ve rounded up some of the things we are most thankful for here in the Oil City.

  1. Our community really shows up for each other. 
    Examples of locals coming together and being amazing can be found all over Casper. Travelocity even recently named Casper the Most Giving City in the U.S.  David Street Station, our epic trails system, the Platte River Revival and the countless times the community has pulled together for someone in need are all testaments to the power of a community that loves each other and loves their town. Long story short: you’re pretty freakin’ amazing, Casper.
  2. Our Traditions
    I’ve never seen a city shut down like Casper does for Parade Day. And our Christmas Parade rivals any I’ve ever seen. But it doesn’t take a parade to get Casper out… Last week, Holiday Square got dressed for the season and standing among hundreds of Casperites in single-digit temps reminded me that we are either a.) crazy or b.) committed as heck to our traditions. But that crazy commitment is what makes for an awesome tradition. 46482826_1996341603992941_3046915568616603648_n.jpg
  3. Casper is kinda sorta the perfect size.
    It’s kinda small and kinda big.  You’re always 5 minutes from the middle of nowhere and 5 minutes from the heart of a busy downtown. Our commutes are short. There’s a shocking amount to do. Basically, Casper is the total package. 
  4. Best. Backyard. Ever.
    This kind of breathing room is wildy underrated. If we’re being honest, we’re pretty spoiled with these views.20150911_142849
  5. Hairspray
    Enough said.
  6. The Wyoming Night Sky
    I mean, come on… 
  7. Our Wild Neighbors
    Nearly every local can remember the first time they were chased down by a wild turkey or knows the feeling of waking up to the a herd of deer in your yard. Jokes (and terror) aside, it’s pretty amazing to coexist with wildlife the way we do. Animals8.jpg

Even when the wind blows, even when the temperature hasn’t exceeded 10-degrees in a week and even when the deer have eaten all of our plants… we still have a whole lot to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, Casper, to you and your backyard turkeys.


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