Super Short + Super Sweet: Fall in Casper

Around here, the snow usually beats the leaves to the ground. In fact, it might be more common to shovel your leaves off the sidewalk in a pile of snow rather than rake them into a picturesque, ready to jump in pile. But dang it— that doesn’t make us Casperites love fall any less.We recently challenged our readers to share their favorite fall photos with us so we can savor the season a just little bit longer. And you all delivered (as always). So grab a pumpkin spice latte and soak up the season with us.

Chris Benabise
Photo by Chris Benabise
Keith Smith
Photo by Keith Smith
Jennifer LEgerski
Photo by Jennifer Legerski
Mike Metz
Photo by Mike Metz
Kathryn D. Kirlin
Photo by Kathryn Kirlin
Tashina Johnson
Photo by Tashina Johnson
Diane Sanderson Mintle
Photo by Diane Sanderson Mintle
Tiffany Flynn
Photo by Tiffany Flynn
Michelle Carey
Photo by Michelle Carey
Visit Casper
Photo by Visit Casper

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