8 Amazing Views of Casper You’ve (Probably) Never Seen

Sometimes, it’s easy to think we’ve seen it all around here and that Casper can’t still surprise us. So, just to prove that crazy idea wrong, I’ve compiled this short list of amazing and unique photos of some of the places we all love most.

IMG_0578An aerial view of Casper Municipal Golf Course and Casper Mountain Road has us doing a double take. Photo by Jacob Ernst  [instagram.com/gritsandfits]

Falls Still.jpgA different look at The Falls giving us a little perspective. Photo by 5150 Local

20150911_142849.jpgLate summer on Muddy Mountain… Swoon. It’s a bit of a drive but the view is 😍. Photo by 5150 Local

20108176_10213780514377265_8853402085816129068_n.jpgSpying on an angler on the North Platte River from the top of Fremont Canyon Photo by 5150′ Local

planeI have one word for this view of Casper from a few thousand feet up: wowza. Photo by instagram.com/j_barrett_3

20160910_092111.jpgHogadon + the summer sunshine = 10/10 would recommend. Photo by John Giantonio

localnavy33photography.jpgA summer sunset always looks good on Casper, but it looks even better from the rooftops of downtown. Photo by instagram.com/localnavy433photography

eadsvilleThere’s nothing quite like the view from the top. Photo by instagram.com/joshschaberg

Long story short: you’re pretty cool, Casper. And you’ve still got a few tricks (and stunning new views) up your sleeve.

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