We could’ve moved any where in the world. And we chose Casper.

I freakin’ love Casper.

When we told our family and friends we were moving here, they didn’t believe us. After all, why would they? We had never even been to Wyoming before. But here we were, saying goodbye to our life in the Army, accepting a job offer, loading up our trailer and heading out West. rebekah1.png

We stayed in the Super 8 on the West side of town for a week while we found an apartment.

We had no idea what we were doing.

I looked outside the window of our little hotel room at Casper Mountain and my eyes swelled with tears.

We did it. We actually did it.

From the time we can both remember we wanted to live near a mountain in a cold, snowy town.

You see, I have this thing for um…Hallmark movies.

Let me explain.

I am obsessed with small town life. The thought of having the same friends for the rest of my days, having my kids graduate college with kids they’ve known since they were in diapers, knowing the owner of my favorite breakfast joint, knowing when to get in the other lane because it changes into a ‘turn only’ – way before a sign tells me to do so, knowing the hours of all my favorite stores without having to look it up, having a genuine life filled with long lasting relationships, community, and people who appreciated where they lived and embraced it, a town that could come together in tragedy and celebration – no matter what the occasion.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “That’s super weird Rebekah, you are super weird.”

Yeah… I know.

My husband and I grew up all over the world. Both of our Dad’s were in the Army our whole lives. We never had a place to go back to. We never had grandparents down the street. We never reconnected with our best friends from Kindergarten…we never had time to develop those life long connections. We never really got to the point where we weren’t the new kids in town anymore. And by the time we did figure out what time the local ice cream place closed, it was time to go.

It’s a privilege you know, living in a town like Casper. I’m in awe every day I’m here.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a plan B. If we totally hated it after a year, we’d move. No need to un-pack the storage unit.

After only a few months, we just knew. Casper was our home. Our forever home.

Let me tell you about #MyCasper.

My Casper is beautiful every day of the year. Rain, heat, ice, snow, wind, more wind, even more wind… #hairspraysaveslives

My Casper is filled with people who (gasp) genuinely like living here.

My Casper has a local business on every corner that people actually go to.

My Casper is speckled with hidden gems from coffee shops to dog parks (seriously, did you know we have so many dog parks?!)

My Casper embraces tradition and defends values while welcoming new ideas with open arms.

My Casper is obsessed with being together – from festivals to football games, we show up.

My Casper is home to a group of friends who would pick me up off the side of the road without hesitation.

My Casper is smaller than other towns, slower than other cities, and might have more antelope than people some days…but it is my perfect place to call home.

As we get ready to welcome our first kiddo, I’m overwhelmed with joy thinking of our future. Every day I am thankful for the life we’ve built here.

I wouldn’t trade my life in Casper, Wyoming for the world.


Rebeka Ladd is a Casper-loving local who recently took over our Instagram account to share her favorite places around the Oil City. Interested in sharing your Casper love on our Instagram or Blog? We’d love to chat. Send us an email at live5150casper@gmail.com.

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  1. I know Becky and this is a wonderful post! I live in neighboring Colorado near a town much like Casper, Gunnison! I actually live about 26 miles away in an even smaller town, but I think Casper and Gunnison have a lot in common! So glad Becky and her growing family are so happy there in Casper!

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