At least it’s not windy. A guide to surviving the heat this weekend.

Casper. You know I love you. But I did not sign up for THIS:


Seasons are a wonderful thing, but the best part of getting all of them here in Casper is that summers usually aren’t TOO extreme. And maybe 97-freakin’-degrees isn’t hot as heck to everyone, but this Wyomingite is struggling.

But nearly triple digit temps isn’t a good enough reason to give the weekend to AC and Netflix. So, my (admittedly self-serving) research began.

Here are a few dirt cheap or free ideas if that trusty swamp cooler just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Float the River
We’re crazy lucky to not only be minutes from a mountain with a waterfall, but maybe even closer to an amazing river. And if you don’t have the gear, don’t fret. There are several places around town that provide rentals for a good price.

Explore Casper Mountain & Garden Creek Falls
One of the best parts of Casper Mountain in the summer is that its always at least 10-degrees cooler than town. And its very Instagramable. (Is that a word? We’re making it happen.) A short and easy hike and BOOM. Instant hot summer day relief. While you’re there, you can hike the trails or have a picnic and campfire.

Go on a Museum Tour
If the sun and sand aren’t your style, spend a day touring Casper’s museums. Many of Casper’s museums and historic sites have free entry, hands on activities AND air conditioning.SLIDESHOW-The-Nic-2125

Road Trip to Alcova and Pathfinder
Load up, turn on the AC and hit the blacktop. In just 30 minutes you’ll be lakeside.Alcova4.jpg

Venture to the David Street Station Splash Pad
Yes, there’s a reason everyone walks around downtown without pants these days. Free, easy to access and in the heart of downtown, David Street Station is like going to the pool with way less commitment.


What is your favorite way to beat the summer heat? Give me ALL of your ideas.

P.S. If you’re venturing out on the lake or river this weekend, life jackets are no joke. Free loaner life jackets are available at all Casper fire stations and along the North Platter River. Be safe. We love you, Casper.

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