7 Wonders of Casper: Revisited

Every Casper local has heard of the 7 wonders of Casper. And if you’ve been living under a rock, read up here or here (and seriously, get out more). I’ve visited most of these as I was growing up, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been thinking about these little Casper oddities. Are they actually amazing or was it just my 14-year-old wonder? I’ll be honest… some of them hold up. eggbeater.jpg

  1. Natrona County Library Echo Chamber
    Ok… this one is still pretty neat. Nothing brings out your inner child like an echo chamber. Located behind the Natrona County Library, you can hear an echo of your own voice from a certain point in the center. The thing that makes this one different, though, is that everyone around you will hear your normal voice. This is particularly fun for those friends you have who just love hearing the sound of their own voice…
    echo chamber
  2. Gravity Hill
    No matter which of the many lists of 7 wonders you look at, you’re sure to find Gravity Hill. And I’m here to tell you, it is still a wonder. When you find juuust the right spot, put your car in neutral and feel like you’re rolling UP HILL… whew! Still crazy, folks. 10/10 would recommend.
  3. Look Out Point
    Sure, Lookout Point itself is beautiful, but I’m not sure it’s “wonders of Casper’ worthy. However, I’ve recently discovered the “Cowboy in the lights” that can be seen from Lookout Point at night. Supposedly, the city was designed to look like the Wyoming bucking horse and rider at night. And guys… you can totally see it! It’s not perfect, perhaps because Casper has grown since the original sighting of the cowboy, but if you look with an open mind its definitely there.
  4. The Egg Beater
    Located downtown under the old Wells Fargo bank tower, the egg beater is nothing short of… nauseating. I remember this one being pretty fun when I was younger, but that feeling was definitively left in my youth. The tower itself is still an awesome oddity of Casper.  While it was nearly the target of a wrecking ball in recent years, thankfully, this iconic beacon of downtown Casper will live on next to its blooming onion shaped neighbor…
  5. Clock that No One Sees
    The clock that no one sees is a painted clock on a building exterior in an alley downtown. It’s nearly impossible to see unless you are a few floors up in the downtown parking garage. Call me a critic, but this one isn’t too wonder-worthy. That being said, it does make you think about what the landscape of downtown was like in earlier years.
  6. Car in the Box
    This one definitely falls into the category of a Casper oddity. I can’t really think of a purpose this little car would serve on Sun Drive, but its a fun one to find!
  7. Spiral Staircase to Nowhere
    This rickety, old, good for nothing staircase is one of those places your mom told you to stay away from. While I don’t remember the exact lore behind this one, it’s certainly a gem of all Casperites’ youth. This grand staircase supposedly went to apartments but it now eerily runs straight into a brick wall. Which totally makes sense…COLLECTION_Seven_Wonders_Spiral_Stairs_0560.jpg

Before you get fired up about this list, I know that just which wonders are included in the official 7 is a *hotly* debated topic. Some others I’ve come across include: the eye house, the tiny house (I never found this one!), jewels of downtown, magic mirror and the eternal flame. Even the non-wonders among the lists are sure to be an adventure to find or a trip down memory lane.

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