40 Super Fast Facts about 5150′

Casper, you’re a quirky one. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite true facts and mostly-facts (Casper Business Rants and Raves is true people watching, ok!?) about the Oil City.cpr.jpg

  1. Casper is actually a typo. Casper’s namesake is General Caspar Collins. The error was made and never corrected. Good work, early Casperites.
  2. Casper’s official elevation is 5150′ above sea level. (We’ll give you three guesses where we got our name. And if you need more than one.. well.. we’re sorry. )
  3. Casper’s fishing is no joke. There are over 2,200 fish per MILE in the North Platte River. People literally come from all over the world to fish here.
  4. By comparison, Casper has 2,056 people per square mile. I’m no expert, but that’s a ton of fish and not very many people…  Maybe that’s why we all love it here so much.
  5. Crude oil was discovered near Casper in the late 1890s. Casper has been home to major refinery ever since. *cough* Oil City *cough*
  6. You can still find markers for original mining claims on Casper Mountain from the late 1800s.
  7. The first courthouse in Casper was built on David Street. It cost $477 to build in 1895. In other news, I’m pretty sure I spent $477 on coffee last month.
  8. Casper is home to the only international airport in Wyoming. Hell yeah, CPR.
  9. The Skyline Towers in downtown Casper is the tallest building in town with 11 floors. This is also the 2nd largest building in Wyoming.
  10. Pete Williams from NBC news is from Casper.
  11. Casper’s “most haunted place” is supposedly the old psych ward at the Casper Army Air Base. (Okay, this might night be a fact, but good luck getting me there a night.)
  12. Casper is 4,565 miles from London. In case you were wondering.
  13. Tom Browning, a Casper boy, won the world series with the Reds in 1990.
  14. Casper was on the center line of the 2017 solar eclipse. And it. was. awesome.
  15. New York Times best selling author, C.J. Box was born right here in Casper.
  16. The Rialto Theatre was built in 1921 as the New Lyric Theatre.
  17. The Rialto Soda Fountain was recently restored to its former glory. So not only can you step back in time, but you can get a perfectly good sugar rush.
  18. Starship Troopers was filmed just outside of Casper at Hell’s Half Acre in 1997.
  19. Casper’s average wind speed is– surprisingly– only 12.9 MPH.
  20. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is from Casper and went to NCHS.
  21. Casper Mountain’s highest point is 8,130′.
  22. Casper’s lowest temperature ever recorded was -41.1 degrees Fahrenheit on December 22, 1990. Merry almost Christmas, Casperites of 1990.
  23. The main character in hit TV show, The Good Doctor, Shaun Murphy, claims Casper as his hometown.
  24. Casper’s North Platte River is 700 miles long and is the 23rd longest river in the U.S.
  25. Fremont Canyon and the Pathfinder Dam were named after John C. Fremont aka “The Pathfinder.” Which is a pretty epic nickname.
  26. There are 13 museums in Casper.
  27. Casper Business Rants and Raves on Facebook is literally the best way to waste an hour or three and learn exactly who you don’t want to serve dinner to.
  28. In 2018, Casper celebrated 20 years of CNFR being in Casper. And 20 years of filling up the Beacon to the brim for 6 nights in the summer.
  29. Casper’s summer collegiate baseball team is called the Horseheads. Yeah… you read that right.
  30. According to badassdatascience.com Natrona County has a 3.14 to 6.97 church to bar ratio.
  31. Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters claims to have 10,000 boots in stock in their downtown Casper store.
  32. During prohibition, Casper was home to approximately 17,000 people and “uncounted prostitutes.”
  33. Casper has no affiliation with Casper the Ghost.
  34. Casper is the second largest city in Wyoming.
  35. Not only was Casper a hub of activity on the Oregon Trail, our town has strong ties to the Bozeman, California, and Mormon trails as well as the Pony Express.
  36. Casper is home to the epic remains of Dee the Mammoth, an 11,600 year old Colombian Mammoth. I can’t confirm this… but I’d bet a lot of money that Dee is Casper’s oldest resident.
  37. Casper was named the nation’s most giving city in 2016 by Travelocity. (Have I mentioned how much I love you lately, Casperites?)
  38. Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters is one of the oldest stores in the state at 99 years old. They’ve been located in the heart of downtown since the mid-50s.
  39. Casper College’s two iconic bronze sculptures: the Spirit of the Thunderbird and the Essence of Rex were created by Casper College alumni, Chris Navarro.
  40. Natrona County has 14 zip codes.

Whew– that’s all I’ve got, folks! Did I miss any crazy fun facts? Tell me about them!

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